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Inspired Storytelling

We Create Powerful Stories.

Ready for your close up? We know visuals. Let us take your ideas for photos, documentary films or custom paintings and turn them into works of art.

Emmy award winning television producer and video director Hollie Brubaker headshot
Hollie Brubaker
Director. Filmmaker. Photographer. Producer. Editor. 
One-woman-band creator.
Author of 100+ Years of Movies: Musings of a Super Reviewer Byron Brubaker headshot
Byron Brubaker
Writer. Editor. Producer. Grip. Sound Engineer. 

Who is Thespis? Thespis was the Greek credited with inventing acting and theatrical touring.

His name is the source of the term thespians. We have a background in theatre and feel connected to the creative

spirit that all started when Thespis chose to step out of the Greek chorus, play a character, and tell a story.


Whether we're producing a documentary or narrative film, photography, visual arts, or writing, we tap into that creative spirit. 

We have enjoyed collaborating on creative projects for over 10 years. We especially love to help people who have a passion that we

can bring to life as storytellers. Thespis Media & Art specializes in content creation services for non-profit organizations.

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Saint Louis, MO


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