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Creative Connections in Dementia Care book

Creative Connections™ in Dementia Care

by Katie Norris and Jennifer Brush

Author Rev. Katie Norris walks you through one of the art recipes in her new book Creative Connections in Dementia Care: Engaging Activities to Enhance Communication.

Creativity is preserved in dementia long after other abilities are lost, so that making art provides rich opportunities for meaningful engagement for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Creative Connections™ in Dementia Care provides care partners with the knowledge and easy-to-follow steps they need to successfully implement art projects in a group or one-on-one setting—

and no art experience is required!  

© Health Professions Press, Inc., 2015

100+ Years of Movies book

100+ Years of Movies:

Musings of a Flixster Super Reviewer


By Byron Brubaker

In this “Choose Your Own Adventure” style book, jump through cinema history. 365 movie reviews representing 100 consecutive years, plus a couple bonus moving pictures from 1902 and 1903, have been selected here. The book is intended to entice readers to find and watch these recommended flicks, especially ones made before they were born. The author examines films in the context of various entertainment mediums and from a subjective perspective. The author also briefly explores various movie awards that have honored movie productions since the late 1920s.  

©Thespis per Lacus Media, 2014

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