Documentary Shorts

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But You'd Be A Great Mom 

A short film about the infertility journey of a woman who has decided

to come out as childfree.

Erie Hack High School Hackathon


The Cleveland Water Alliance is a non-profit organization that joins Northeast Ohio corporations, universities and government agencies to drive economic development through water innovation and promote the value of water to our region.

Renee Jones Empowerment Center: Training Video


The trailer for the four part film Know Human Trafficking. 


The Center is the only Northeast Ohio 501(c)(3) agency committed to providing life coaching and aftercare services to those with the courage to break the human trafficking cycle.

Cleveland Strong


Strong local businesses build strong communities. 


Keep It Local Cleveland supports community development, and programs that create unique experiences in Cleveland. They create consumer driven events and outings to solidify the message to shop locally.

Harvest For Hunger


A Behind the Scenes look into the making of the new Harvest for Hunger ad campaign conceived by The Adcom Group and brought to life at The James Douglas Studio in Cleveland Ohio. 


Harvest for Hunger is an charity initiative that helps raise funds and awareness for four Ohio based food banks that provided 17 million meals in 2014 alone.

Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation


The Farrell Foundation uses art projects, music activities, and timeslips as a means of communication and socialization for families with loved ones who have various forms of dementia. "The key to being a care partner is not to change their world, but to move into their world and support their reality where they are." -Dr. Charlie Farrell 


The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation has a mission to empower those affected by dementia through art care and community outreach.

Renee Jones Empowerment Center


Empowerment is the Key, a short documentary film produced by Thespis per Lacus Media for the Storytelling Parade, by Story & Heart.


Cultivating a community of hope, Renee Jones welcomes victims of human trafficking with open arms

into her Empowerment Center.

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