Easy, 3-Step Video Production


Our process introduction


  • After the initial call or email inquiry, we meet to gather information and get to know you. 

  • We can meet at our studio, or at your place of business. 

  • If you prefer Skype or conference calls, that is possible. 

Proposal & Quote

Our process proposal & quote
  • Once we have your ideas and expectations understood, we put together a proposal and quote for the work involved in creating your video content. 

  • Depending on the amount of work involved, we determine how long of a shoot would be needed, how much editing time we believe it would take, and whether extra crew would need to be involved. 

  • We can also estimate the talent fees if you plan to hire an actor/actress or spokesperson.


Book Shoot &


Our process book shoot & pre-production
  • We schedule your shoot(s) on our calendar as soon as the quote is accepted.  

  • When you accept the quote, it becomes an invoice. 

  • We request 50% to be paid before the shoot unless other arrangments are made.  

  • During this time, we sometimes do more pre-production planning with you as the shoot approaches.

  • For example, scripting, planning props or background, location permissions, talent booking, or other needs that come up.


  • This is the fun part! Depending on the type of shoot we are doing, there are a number of things we need to know ahead of time that help us determine what equipment to use.  

  • Is this an outdoor shoot or indoor? How many people will be talking on camera? Is the teleprompter needed? Do we need aerial shots? Do we need a green screen?  

  • These factors are all figured at the quoting stage, but they make a difference as the production is completed.  

  • If you have any questions about wardrobe or hair/makeup, we can give you tips on what to bring.

  • Also, we have stylists and makeup artists available depending on the type of shoot and budget.

Shoot on Location

or In Studio

Our process shoot location or studio

Edit Video 

  • This is where the magic happens! Once we have shot the footage, we go through and choose the best clips according to the script or outline.  

  • We cut them together for a rough cut.  

  • Then we add music, titles, transitions and logos.  

  • If you have requested animations, that is more complicated and it may take longer than the typical video footage.  

  • Every project is different when it comes to editing.  

  • Editing time is estimated based on length of source material to the complexity of the finished video.

  • This is the most time-consuming portion of every project.

Our process edit video


Approval & Distribution

  • After we have the final version of your video approved, we export the file and convert it into the type of distribution you have requested.  

  • This can be for TV broadcast, online viewing and other types of media.  

  • Depending on your preferred online platform (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) we convert the file for the best streaming settings for that platform.  

  • When the video is shared, there are many ways to repurpose the content for maximum exposure such as a blog post, sending it out in a press release, or playing it for trade shows and in-person meetings.

Our process approval & distribution