Thespis Media Studio is located in Lakewood, just 15 minutes from downtown Cleveland. 
Our intimate space is perfect for 1-on-1 interviews, testimonials and more.
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We want to thank you, our kickSTARers, for funding our campaign to furnish our studio. We are touched by your continued support and thank you for your belief in this project and in us. Thank you for spreading the word about our campaign and sharing it on social media. Through your generous pledges, we were able to furnish our new studio, a studio that grows our business and allows us to provide a fuller range of services to our clients. We strive to provide the best content to our customers and are especially eager to help Cleveland small businesses spread their messages to their customers.


Dave Clements  

Elvis Manson 

Jeff and Jennifer Doup

Annita Keane

Melinda and Fluffy Raiford  

Jason and Jessica Evener  

Ben and Breianne Saylor

Steve Meka

Robyn White  

Jayne Pandy

Michelle Bennett 

Carolyn Brown 

Sarah Sullivan and Kevin Tloczynski 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Wilt 

Erin E. Gyomber

Bobby Withrow and Kurt Blankschaen 

Mary Jane and Soren Hansen 

Sharon Hoyenga   

Susan & Jeff Palmer  

Cynthia Edwards  

Mark and Linda Little  

Keith and Karen Evener 

Assad Khaishgi

Jason Knight


Kickstart Accounting, Inc.  

Thomas Wasinski  

David Prok and Jerry Knasel

June Rainier 

Original Cleveland Watch Company LLC 

Karen Auer

Betty Jackson

Charleston Okafor 

The Rosu Family 

Alisha Kittleson 


Theresa May  

Kim Stanuch 

Susan Gillespie

John and Elaine Bodziony  



Dave Holmes 

Layne Richard-Hammock  

Jeanne Costa

Lawrence Hines 

Theresa Sims   

John and Leanna Cobb

Daniel Stock    

Suzanne Ruznak

Wendy Doup 

Andrew E. Rudd

Eric Blackburn 

Tori Ballantine 

Jay & Anne Johnson 

Bob and Gloria Bemer

Todd Kleckner  

Kathleen Heck

Henry, Ruthlynn, Leesandra, Jose,

and Glenn Mejia

Fayth L. W. Sims 

Pam and Greg

C. Richard Costes  

Lisa Mulholland   

  Ahmie Polak Yeung

Leslie Bednar, Better With Mustard 

Benjamin J Danielson 

Morgan McPhearson 

Jeanne Tucker 

Shawn Brown

Shari R. FLEX™ Instructor  

Tina Kiss 

Emily Hisey

Frank Bruno, The Story Of All Life-Part One 



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