My Company is My Baby

Last year at this time, I had a lot of emotions, dreams, and fears going on. To look back at ALL that I've been through and accomplished, it feels amazing. Something magical has happened in my life that I have to share it with y'all. Many of you won't understand this, but that's okay.

You see, I don't have kids. I have never given birth to a physical human being. Maybe that will happen, or not. (I'm not inviting any comments about my infertility. Thank You.) But for a long time I have thought that there was a bigger calling in my life to contribute to the world. As women, we are encouraged to do that by being mothers. For the past decade, I have wrestled with how that would manifest in my life. It hasn't come in the traditional form, but I have the closest thing I can claim to birthing a baby.

Years ago, my husband and I would wax poetic at the very thought of having "our very own little video production company". We would sit and discuss romantic thoughts of our creative ideas blossoming into being. We got so used to the idea of bringing that little bundle of joy into our world that we gave it a go a few times for some fun little short films with friends. Well, kind of like they joke about the water and pregnancies, we were HOOKED (literally the name of our first short film together. haha), determined to eventually have "our very own little video production company". When I was laid off from my job last year, I knew pretty suddenly that we were given the opportunity to conceive. I jumped right into nesting mode! I painted my new home office and got myself some supplies in anticipation of late nights and the cries of client revisions. I furiously googled "what to expect" topics for entrepreneurs. But I also had a lot of ideas that I (and Byron) thought were awesome until trying to execute them, like any new first time parents. Some of those have stuck and some changed. We named our baby something that was special to us. It means something. When you name your baby something different, you probably hear all kinds of comments. I really feel for you, parents! We've switched to our nickname now and it's great.

But over the past year I have experienced the fruit of my labor, and the joy of the process! I've literally been on "mommy brain" about my business (forgetfulness about any other thing in my life, everything was mush except for my laser focus attempt to guide my baby around in a metaphorical stroller). I've had conversations with other women business owners who feel isolated like I did. At the 6 month mark, I was so upset about the lack of other people's excitement for my new baby, that I actually mailed out a "baby announcement" type letter to friends and family. Now, that sounds a little weird - but it was just a letter to update everyone sort of like a Christmas letter, but also asking for referrals. Since then I do feel more support, but I also realize that support for my business will be through finding mentors and other people like me... "a mommy group" for lady entrepreneurs? Yeah, for me that's what has been great about Bad Girl Ventures Cleveland and the excitement for each other and camaraderie. I've had many sleepless nights caring for my babe. I fearlessly defend it to anyone who hurts it (or cry with it when I hear for the millionth time how crazy the name is). It means so much for me to see my husband tending to it's needs when I need some tag-teaming.

So you may not understand how important it is for my baby to have a 1 year birthday, but I have "mommy goggles" on, so I will bombard you with my unparalled passion for this to the moon and back. I hope you're enjoying watching Thespis Media grow out of infancy with me.

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