Happy Holidays from Thespis Media

We love this time of year for many reasons, but Christmas movies make up one of the best parts! It's only fitting that we chose to share our favorite Holiday movies with you for our annual Holiday Greeting Video.

Byron: Hey Hollie, what's your favorite Christmas movie?

Hollie: Babes in Toyland, the Drew Barrymore version, of course! It's a true classic for my sisters and I. Hey Byron, what's your favorite Christmas movie?

Byron: It's a Wonderful Life because its a true classic... about how it's easy to become a grinch with everything that goes wrong in the world, but every life can make a positive impact.

Hollie: You never know how meaningful that one act for others can be. Well, both films are magical!

Byron: We hope YOU make magic for someone else this holiday season.

Hollie and Byron: Happy Holidays from Thespis Media!

Before you send out your company's Holiday newsletter, consider making a video greeting! It's a personal and festive way to engage with your customers!

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