See the Faces of 50 Local Businesses Featured in Keep It Local Cleveland's Pledge 100 Video

Over the past year, I have made several new friends who own small businesses in the Cleveland area. From owners of fashion boutiques and fitness studios to bar owners and food vendors, there are some really nice people out there providing amazing products and services.

Jim Alesci's Place

I say nice people because that is something we forget in the hustle of the holiday shopping frenzy. It’s easy to mindlessly graze over the dollar racks at the big box stores and leave the checkout line spending double what we intended. Instead, consider how it feels to know the value of where your money goes after your purchase.


These small business owners personally manage almost every aspect of the business-- everything you see and everything behind the scenes you might not know. It goes beyond creating the product and providing the service. Accounting and taxes, managing contracts, promoting the business… It’s all in a day’s work. They wear many hats.

Artists Uncorked

After being stretched to the max on finances and personal sanity, there is a humbling of spirit, and courage to move forward, sometimes purely on passion alone. That’s an amazing place to be! Experience the excitement of someone who gets to live out their passion and share it with you as a consumer. Be a part of forward momentum for a small business! When you make a purchase from a local business, you are making a direct impact on a person’s life.

Natalie's Gourmet Food

I had the honor of creating this highlight of 50, yes that’s 50, area businesses that were part of Keep It Local Cleveland’s Winter Market in downtown Cleveland. This video is a call to action for Clevelanders to pledge to spend $100 at local businesses this holiday season.

Check out all of these nice people & remember them when you shop!

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