We Ask an Aerial Agent: Drone Videography and Photography for Business (part 2)

If you have seen breathtaking aerial images of the Cleveland area recently, chances are that Tom Wasinski, owner of Aerial Agents is behind them. I've teamed up with Tom for video work over the past year and his work is consistently impressive. He's agreed to answer some more questions about the fascinating topic of drone videography and photography.

Suset over Lakewood Solstice Steps on the Lake Erie coast. Photo by Aerial Agents.

Hollie: So, how long has your company been around?

Tom: The Aerial Agents brand has been at market for 2 years now.

Hollie: You've been busy in that short time! What industries do you serve the most?

Tom: We receive a lot of inquires from all types of different businesses. All of which allow us the ability to be creative with our flying cameras. Our services shine the brightest when we need to attract attention to a certain subject. Working with our friends at Summit Productions on Axelrod Buick GMC is a great example. Ideally, businesses with outdoor inventory can benefit from drone perspectives. This includes, farms & nurseries, cemeteries, new home builders, apartment complexes, etc.

Shot of Axelrod Buick GMC car dealership from above sign. Photo by Aerial Agents.

Hollie: We have observed you being very careful about where you fly drones, weather conditions and possible obstructions. For one project recently, you even had to decline because of location restrictions. How does your FAA clearance guide your work?

Tom: Yes, that is correct. UAV imaging (photos and videos) won’t be able to be used for every job. It’s always a safety first concern. What the FAA wants to avoid more than anything, is a potential collision was a manned aircraft. Flying in the wrong spot or at high altitudes could have fatal consequences. In most cases our equipment doesn’t exceed 100ft. We have the ability to get up close to subjects. AA likes to utilize that ability. A drone is a cameraman's dream. It’s like a dolly, a jib arm, a steadicam, and an airplane all rolled into one device.

I just recently read an article that the FAA is requiring all retail stores to provide literature that the FAA has put together to any drone purchaser for this holiday season and beyond. This is a great way for the FAA to get out in front of this emerging industry.

Hollie: What’s the biggest misconception about using drones for your work?

Tom: The entire industry is in a frenzy. It looks pretty calm on the surface for an outsider. Insiders are trying to figure out all of possibilites that drones offer. Like minded entrepreneurs are trying to scramble and establish themselves in their respective markets across the world. One thing that I realized pretty early on is that “aerial photography” probably isn’t the best name for this type of imaging. The unique shots that a UAV can obtain is certainly worthy of genre all to itself. It is being referred to as “UAV Photography” or “UAS Photography”. Yes, it can obtain aerial perspectives, but once I was left to the task of capturing a 400 acre property. It was like trying to dig a hole with a spoon instead of a shovel. That was a time where an airplane or helicopter should have been used. I completed the job and the customer was extremely happy with the end result, but we were never able to capture the entire property in 1 frame.

Tom Wasinski holding remote control gear and standing next to his drone.

So basically what I am saying is, UAV’s will only bridge the gap between the ground and 400 ft in the sky. This is in no way replacing the use of planes and helicopters for filming scenes in Hollywood blockbusters. Side note: I can see that the “flying cars” that we all hoped for when we were younger will be here soon. They will be propeller driven and run on batteries. I foresee that the entire transportation system will run on a grid complete with obstacle avoidance. An entirely automated process. You tell your desired destination to a Siri type of technology and up and away you go. This is just my prediction for years into the future.

Hollie: Wow, that is really exciting to think about how far we’ve come with technology and just how different things will be in a few years. Thank you for sharing your insight, Tom!

If your business needs photos or video from a bird’s eye perspective, go to www.aerialagents.com and check out the great work his team produces.

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