How Video Helped Promote a Unique Style of Massage

We recently had a great time working with Kim Geracioti, the owner of The Healing Bar Massage Therapy in Fairview Park. When Kim came to me a few months ago asking about a video to show people her unique style of massage, I knew I had to do this project! We asked her to answer a few questions about her experience.

Thespis Media: What was the reason that you wanted to work with us?

Kim: I met Hollie through BGV (Bad Girl Ventures) which is a business development course for women in small business in Northeast Ohio. I knew that I would need a short video to advertise my business for my website and social media. I had seen Hollie's work on social media and on Thespis Media's website and I was really impressed with her work, not to mention her Emmy awards for previous work! I contacted her and when we met to discuss my video, I felt very comfortable with Hollie and Byron and I knew this would be a great fit for The Healing Bar.

Kim Geracioti behind the scenes smiling with Hollie Brubaker.

TM: What was it like to use this medium to connect with customers? How did it feel different from other promotional material?

Kim: What I loved about this video is that it tells my story in 30 seconds! It shows my warm and cozy massage loft, the unique specialty massages I offer and a little about me and The Healing Bar. I think it is one of the best ways to promote a business and I believe when people see who I am, where I am and what I do, they feel more connected, more comfortable making that call or scheduling that massage.

TM: What kind of feedback did your receive?

Kim: I got so many compliments on that video! It is on my website and Facebook. It has receive a lot of views and shares, so I am really happy with the results. It felt really good to hear all of the positive feedback. I'm not the least bit surprised! I also thought it was excellent, but that is because of the talented team at Thespis Media!

TM: What exceeded your expectations about our service?

Kim: I like the dynamic of having this husband and wife team. They are both talented in their fields and they work well together and support each other. They may have different ideas or views on making the video, but what they create, the finished product is perfection. It turned out better than I expected! Not that I doubted their work for one minute. I knew it would be fantastic! The video is perfect. I don't think it could have have turned out any better! It was definitely worth the money and if or when I need another professional, high-quality video made, I will contact Thespis Media.

TM: Thank you, Kim, for trusting us to tell the story of The Healing Bar. It's been fun to work with you and bring your ideas to life!

If you're feeling the stress of the holidays, now is a great time to book a massage!

Check out The Healing Bar Massage Therapy for more information.

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