CLEVELAND STRONG Video Highlights Local Companies

Keep It Local Cleveland is a great resource for local businesses to get their name out, network, connect and collaborate with other local businesses. After we joined this organization, we were so excited to work with the Keep It Local team to produce a video that would promote them. After months of production, the final video, CLEVELAND STRONG was released on November 3rd.

Last spring, Jamie Richey set out with us on the journey to tell the story of local businesses and the strength they give to Cleveland. As a producer for this video, Jamie was instrumental in bringing the vision to life. We asked her to talk about the project and her experience.

THESPIS MEDIA: How did the idea come together for this message?

JAMIE: We wanted to get the word out that this is not only a great resource for business owners but a great place for the community to learn about local businesses in their neighborhood, where they can shop local around Cleveland, and what it means to shop local as a consumer. A video is a great way to show all of this as well as the personal, ‘behind the scenes’ side of a local business, and what makes Cleveland unique!

TM: What specifically was your favorite part of the production and why?

J: For me personally, I was thrilled to get back on set as a producer and create something all the way from concept to finished product. From the initial meeting at the Keep It Local office to the on-site shoots at various locations, down to the editing and tweaking graphics - everything was fun, professional and productive! It takes an amazing team with focus and passion to make a great video that is technically sound, heartfelt and on-point every time you view it. Kudus to Thespis Media – I welcome the opportunity to work with them on future projects!

TM: What made this project special?

J: What made this particular project special was being able to put a spotlight on local Cleveland businesses and put on view not only the variety of local businesses but also the people that are at the core of these businesses that we know (or don’t know yet!) and love – this was a great way to look deeper and display their passion for what they do, and their commitment to the neighborhoods they work and live in.

TM: How did you like collaborating with Thespis Media on the video?

J: Collaborating with Thespis Media was a very positive experience! Hollie and Byron are very easy going and open to all ideas and suggestions – nothing within reason is off the table! They are a hard-working and patient team and go the extra mile to produce a really great product. And they are genuinely excited about what they are working on- and that positive attitude goes a long way!

Jamie holding the film slate prepping for a video shoot.

For more information about Keep It Local Cleveland, go to

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