How To Get Ready for a Video Shoot - Writing a Script

You booked a video shoot to promote your business—congratulations! Wait, that means you have to appear on camera…don’t panic! Here are tips for writing your material and appearing natural on camera.

Steps on How to Get Your Message Across

When writing the script for your video, you want to get your message across in a clear, concise, and impactful manner. The most important things to consider are:

1. Audience: Knowing your audience is the foundation of persuasive writing. Think about who you’re speaking to—picture them, if it helps. Are you speaking to new clients? People who are curious but haven’t yet visited your business? Existing clients who you want to encourage to make another visit? The message for each audience group will be a little different and the most effective messages/speeches take this into consideration.

2. Research: Before you write your script, you may need to do some research. You know your business, but will statistics, testimonials, and other facts help to persuade your audience that your company is the best choice.


3. Write Your Script: For the first draft, don’t worry about grammar, cohesiveness, or length, just write. Get all of your ideas out and don’t try to edit yet. Once you have it down, shape your ideas. This is where you focus on your message, making sure it’s cohesive and you have the necessary evidence to support it. Because you’ll be on camera, you’ll have a specific time limit, so before you take the red pen to your script, time it to get an idea for how much you need to edit. Be ruthless—cut out all fluff.

stop watch

4. Practice, Practice, Practice: When your script is in good shape, practice your delivery. You want to be clear and measured in your speaking and that will take practice. You don’t need to memorize it and you probably shouldn’t, it may seem unnatural, and we have the teleprompter for your use. Time yourself speaking and you’ll likely need to remind yourself to slow down. You want to have your timing set before you come in to record. Reading the script out loud in front of the mirror can help you with delivery as can recording yourself with your phone or computer.

5. Have Your Outfit Ready: Read our post on What to Wear to make sure your outfit looks the best it can on camera.

For more scripting tips click on this Video Brewery blog post.

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