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Business owners and marketing professionals: you've probably either started adding video to your content or you are planning to give it a shot. Do you want to make some video content on your own but you don’t know where to start?


We have the answer! Our new free facebook group, Video Making Insider, is a place where entrepreneurs and content producers can come together for advice, encouragement, and training on the technologies that will help them create videos that grab the attention of followers and increase the quality of the videos as they make them.


With video in such a demand, there is a place for professionally produced video work, as well as more authentic and live moments to share with your followers.


There are so many ways to connect with your audience that it can be overwhelming. It can also backfire if you are not properly prepared or don’t use the best tools and resources. Lucky for you, there are perfect creative tools right on your smartphone! In our group you can ask questions, get feedback on your video projects, and find helpful hints for your next Facebook LIVE session.


Pick up your phone or digital camera and follow the link below to get started:

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