Who is Thespis?


Thespis was the Greek credited with inventing acting and theatrical touring. His name is the source of the term thespians. We have a background in theatre and feel connected to the creative spirit that all started when Thespis chose to step out of the Greek chorus, play a character, and tell a story.


Whether we're producing a documentary or narrative film, we tap into that creative spirit.


Who are we?












Owner, Chief Creative Officer

Director. Writer. Producer. Videographer. Editor. Content Distributor. One-woman-band creator.

I have always been a dreamer. At an early age I got lost in movies, art and music... live theatre was my first love. It was during my days as a theatre student that I found myself drawn to directing. I was awarded 2 Emmy Awards as producer and editor while working for the ABC TV affiliate WEWS in Cleveland. After 6 years working at WEWS creating promos, I joined a fast growing tech company, as the videographer, promoted to senior content specialist, before starting Thespis Media.


Emmy award winning television producer and video director Hollie Brubaker headshot
Author of 100+ Years of Movies: Musings of a Super Reviewer Byron Brubaker headshot



Executive Producer

Writer. Editor. Producer. Grip. Sound Engineer. Script Supervisor. Bookkeeper. All-around-nice-guy.

I'm a freelance theatre professional, library consultant, filmmaker, and writer. In college, I set a goal to watch all major category Oscar winning films from 1927 to the present. I appreciate the high production quality of these films while exploring cinema history and technique. My first book 100+ Years of Movies: Musings of a Flixster Super Reviewer was published in 2014. For the past 7 years, I've

worked backstage for Cleveland Play House on 33 shows.


As creative partners, we have enjoyed collaborating on film projects for years. We especially love to help organizations that have passion behind the scenes that we can bring to life as storytellers. 



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